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Odds Conversion & Implied Probability Calculator

Want to convert one odds format to another? Then the odds calculator below will do just that for you.

Simply by entering the odds in your preferred format, you get to see the exact representation of your odds in several other formats. Odds are shown in US Odds, Decimal, Fractional, Hong Kong, Indonesian and Malay formats.

US Odds:
Decimal Odds:
Fractional Odds:
Implied Probability:
Hong Kong Odds:
Indonesian Odds:
Malay Odds:

In addition to the showing equivalent odds across a variety of formats, the calculator also provides a very handy Implied Probability calculation.

What this does is take the odds that have been entered in by the user and then works out from those odds, the exact probability that the bookmaker is basing those odds upon.

For example, if you enter the odds 13/2 into the Fractional Odds box and click Calculate, it reveals the following:

  • US Odds – 13/2 is represented as +650
  • Decimal Odds – 13/2 is represented as 7.5
  • Fractional Odds – 13/2 (our default entry)
  • Implied Probability – 13.33%
  • Hong Kong Odds – 6.5
  • Indonesian Odds – 6.5
  • Malay Odds – -0.1538

This is a very simple calculator to use but it can serve a wide range of uses.

Being able to translate odds into different formats is particularly useful when using betting calculators that may need odds entering in a specific format (and perhaps one that you are unfamiliar with). By using this calculator you can get the right odds sorted before working out your bet.

In addition to providing a translation function into different odds formats, the fact that the calculation also reveals the Implied Probability of the stated odds is extremely helpful for those punters who are seeking to weigh up whether a bet has real value or not.

For example:

If you are looking to back the First Goalscorer in a game between Manchester City and Tottenham and select Carlos Tevez at odds of 13/2 (as outlined above), the implied probability is that 13.33% of the time, Tevez will score the first goal.

By compiling a little research and discovering who has scored the first goal in each of Manchester City’s games involving Tevez this season, you can discover if this bet offers value or not. If you find that Tevez has only scored the opening goal in 5% of games this season, then this is not good value bet. However, if he has scored the opening goal 15% of the time this season, then it is a good value bet.

The odds conversion and implied probability calculator is a very useful one to have to hand if you are a punter who bets in a number of different countries with a number of different bookmakers, allowing you to easily understand what the odds quoted mean by translating them into a format you are familiar with. It also allows you to see how likely the bookies think an event is likely to happen and allows you to judge the value of that bet.