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Hedging Calculator

If you have heard of the term ‘hedging your bets’ then this calculator will allow you the opportunity to do precisely that.

The Hedge Bet Calculator (also sometimes known as the Lay Calculator) is a way of betting on both markets (to win and not to win) in such a way to ensure that regardless of the outcome, you will make a profit.

Bet Details - use decimal odds
Back Price Back Stake Lay Price
Back Lay
You should lay To guarantee
£ £
Total Staked Guaranteed Return
£ £
Back Profit Lay Liability
£ £
Lay Profit Back Liability
£ £

How to use the Hedging Bet Calculator

There are three sections to the Hedging Bet Calculator and we’ll explain how to complete each one below:

Top Section: Entering Bet Details and Commission

In this top section of the calculator, you need to enter in the bet details and also whether the bookmaker charges any commission on backing (which is unusual – hence the default setting of 0%) or laying (which is more common, usually between 1% and 5%) a selection.

In the first box, you enter details of the price that you backed the selection to win, which must be entered using decimal odds format (so odds of 2/1, would be entered as 3.0).

After that, you enter in how much you have staked on that selection to win.

In the next box, you enter what the lay price of your selection is once again in decimal format; this is the price you are backing the selection not to win at.

Once you have entered that price, you then need to enter any commission that you would need to pay to the bookmaker when backing (in the Back box) or laying (in the Lay box). You do this simply by selecting the appropriate percentage rate from the dropdown box.

It is important that you do state the correct commission percentages for both boxes as incorrectly entering them could potentially leave you out of pocket.

The great thing about this Hedging Calculator is that once you have entered all the details, the calculator automatically updates, showing you all the information you need to know in the two sections below.

Middle Section: The Results

The middle section of the Hedging Calculator displays the main results of the data you have entered in the top section.

The first box details how much money you should lay in order to ensure you make a profit on the event in question. The second box shows you how much profit you would be guaranteed to make on the market overall, if you back the selection and lay against it.

This information is summarised in the next two boxes. The Total Staked box outlines how much you would need to wager in total on backing and laying against the selection, while the guaranteed return box, shows you how much you’d win if your lay against selection wins.

The Bottom Section: The Summary – Profit / Loss

The final section of the calculator simply summarises what your profit and liabilities are for each possible outcome of the event you have decided to back and lay against a selection in.

In the first section, Wins, this outlines how much money you would win from the bookmaker from backing your selection, together with how much you would lose from laying against that selection winning.

The second section, Losses, shows how much money you would make if your backed selection does not win (Lay Profit), together with how much you would stand to lose (Back Liability).

In both cases, you should find that the Back Profit and Lay Profit columns offer a positive return over the liability columns. If they do, then regardless of the outcome of the event in question, between your two wagers, you will turn a profit.