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Dutching Calculator

One of the most potentially profitable ways of gambling as a punter can be when you make a Dutch bet, which is the name for when you back more than one selection in a single event.

However, ensuring you back each selection at the right amount to ensure a profit, whichever selection wins, does require some complex mathematics. This is precisely what the Dutching Calculator below does for you.

Decimal Price Stake Decimal Price Stake
Selection 1 (required) £ Selection 7 £
Selection 2 £ Selection 8 £
Selection 3 £ Selection 9 £
Selection 4 £ Selection 10 £
Selection 5 £ Selection 11 £
Selection 6 £ Selection 12 £

Total Staked Return if any selection wins Profit
£ £ £

How to use the Dutching Calculator

There are two parts to the calculator, here’s how to use it:

Top Section: Entering the prices of each selection

The largest and uppermost section of the Dutching calculator allows you to enter the prices (in decimal format) for up to a dozen selections from any single sporting event.

Simply enter the prize of each of your chosen selections in the white boxes provided.

Once you have completed that you just need to add one more piece of information in the bottom section.

Bottom Section: Entering your Total Stake

In the empty white box at in the bottom section, enter your total stake that you have available to bet on this event. So if you have £100 in your account and want to bet on a specific event, then you would enter 100 here.

Once you have entered the odds of the selections and your total stake available, the calculator will then automatically complete the calculations for you.

The Calculation

What the calculator does is to take the odds for each selection, the number of selections made and the total stake you have available and work out how much you need to place on each selection to ensure the same level of profit regardless of which selection wins.

For example, if you were backing four selections in a horse race at decimal odds of 10.0, 12.0, 5.0 and 2.00 and you had £100 in total to bet on the race, the calculator reveals that you should place: £11.32 on the 10.0 selection, £9.43 on the 12.0, £22.64 on the 5.0 and £56.60 on the 2.00. This would total £100 worth of bets and ensure a return of £113.21 regardless of which of the four selections wins.

Obviously the more selections you make, the more complex the calculation becomes and the less likely you are going to find the calculator offers a viable bet.

What To Watch For

There are times when given the number of selections, odds and the amount you have to bet on the race in total, it is impossible for you to turn a guaranteed profit based on those selections. When this happens, the calculator will display a minus figure in the profit box and the Return if Any Selection Wins will show a figure smaller than the Total Staked box.

For example, let’s say that in the example above, you decide to add a fifth selection, an odds on favourite at odds of 1.45.

After clicking recalculate, the maximum profit now generated on any win is £63.57, and profit is now -£36.43 for each selection. As such, this is not a viable bet to make as even if you win, you will lose money.

It is important to note that you don’t have to back every selection in an event, however this does mean that you are only guaranteed a profit if one of your selections in the bet wins. If another selection wins, then you will lose all your stake.

Dutch bets are a useful tool in the right circumstances, such as a horse race with a large number of runners, no odds-on favourite and where only a handful, say 3,4 or possibly 5 horses have a realistic chance of winning the race.

When used in this way, they can be a useful profit-generating tool for punters, though it should always be remembered that you only guarantee yourself a profit if one of your selection wins. This calculator is a superb way to check any potential Dutch bets to ensure that your bet is profitable and workable.