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What It’s Like To Be A Tipster – EP015

What It's Like To Be A Sports Tipster

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Welcome to episode 15 of Betcast which pretty much marks the countdown to Christmas… there you go I said it, I know you didn’t want to hear it but it’s time to face reality folks. This week’s show is all about what it’s like to be a sports tipster posting your betting tips online. I’m joined by my good friend Dan to talk about the kind of feedback he gets from his followers and just too generally chat about being a tipster.

Dan is originally from Scotland but he now lives in Canada. He claims to have an accent which reflects both places but all I hear is the Scottish in him. We kick the show off with him telling us about his history in sports gambling and how he applied what he learned as a winning poker player to sports betting. In the early part of the show we also talk about his website and how his early Premier League and NFL season tips have been working out.

Following the intro we move on to discuss his daily routine and how much time and effort goes into all the tips and the write ups as well. We also touch on which are his strongest sports when it comes to betting and I ask him a couple of question about some seriously impressive golf bets he’s published over the last few weeks.

The real meaty bit of the show comes next when we talk about how people respond to his tips and the kind of emails he gets from punters who have been following his advice. There’s some hilarious stuff in this section of the show and it’s not to be missed. Especially the response of one punter who perhaps got a little over excited after a 10 game winning streak. I won’t ruin the surprise here but needless to say it was quite a reaction! Dan also tells us about the flip side of this situation when his tips don’t come in and the kind of emails he gets when that happens. I think this section will surprise a few and is well worth a listen.

We finish up by talking about the best and worst aspects of publishing your own tips online and Dan gives some advice to anyone thinking of following suit and putting their tips out there for others to follow.

You Will Hear About:

– What it’s like to be a sports tipster publishing your picks online.
– The kind of emails Dan gets on a daily basis from his followers.
– How long it takes to run a tipping service/website.
– The secrets behind Dan’s successful run on long odds golf tips.
– Where to find and follow Dan’s tips and specifically golf tips which are killing it right now.
– About the best and the worst parts of the job.
– Some strange people and the way they react to Dan’s tips both good and bad.

Resources :

Betcast on Twitter
– Dan’s main sports tips website
– Dan’s golf tips site where he’s been on fire recently.
PGA Tour website for golf stats.
European Tour website for golf stats.

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