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Transition From Football To Tennis Trading – EP010

Transition From Football To Tennis Trading

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It’s been a little while since the last episode of Betcast but I’m pretty sure everyone was busy watching and betting on the World Cup. I’m hoping to release episodes on a more regular basis over the coming months so make sure you follow @bettingmandave on Twitter or bookmark the podcast feed page to keep updated.

In episode 10 of Betcast I’m joined once again by Ryan from Bet Green (you might remember we did a previous episode on how to make money on Betfair) but this time to talk about tennis trading. Ryan has been killing it recently in the tennis markets so I wanted to tap into some of his insider knowledge.

Before we get into talking about tennis on today’s show we briefly discuss the World Cup and how it went for Ryan from a trading perspective… I’m pretty sure all the goals in the group stages will have meant that everyone made a tidy profit this time around.

Following that we move on to talk about the transition from trading football to trading tennis and discuss where to find good tennis stats and info on the web. We also cover some basic things you can do when you start trading tennis to help you become profitable and highlight the importance of knowing the players and how they play when trading matches in-play.

Tennis trading strategy is then discussed in more detail and Ryan explains his handicapping system for tennis markets and how he uses that to determine his trades on a daily basis.

Ryan also shares info about his free tennis trading group on Facebook which I’ll provide a link to below along with his Twitter handle, blog and email address.

This Show Covers:

– How to World Cup went from a trading stand point.
– Resources for new tennis traders for stats and player insight.
– The importance of different player traits when trading tennis.
– Ryan’s approach to tennis trading and his mentality when trading in-play.
– The free Bet Green tennis trading facebook group.
– How to follow Ryan’s daily profitable free tennis trades on twitter and his blog.


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