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Trading Software & Interview With Peter Webb – EP014

Trading software and interview Peter Webb

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I told you I’d be back this week with another episode and I’m not one to disappoint so here it is. It’s episode 14 of Betcast and I managed to get Peter Webb from Betangel on the show with me to talk about the evolution of trading software, how it impacts the markets at Betfair and what Peter’s up to right now in his day to day trading life.

To kick off the show we talk a bit about Peter’s trading background including when and how he got into trading and what life was like in the early days of Betfair. We touch briefly on the evolution of his own personal trading and which sports he’s focused on over the years.

Straight after we get to know Peter a bit better we talk about Betangel, the trading software he developed, and cover some history of the product including when the first edition was released, what it was like and what the vision for the platform was originally.

If you don’t know what trading software or Betangel is specially then no worries as in the next part of the episode we talk about exactly what you can do with Betangel and explore some of its best features. Mentioned here is a practice mode you can use to paper trade with the software which is well worth looking at for anyone who wants to check it out.

From there we move on to my favourite part of this episode and talk about the impact of trading software on the markets at Betfair. We talk about the kind of advantages those using software have vs those not using it and discuss whether the use of the software presents any unfair advantage issues. Also covered is the future of trading software, if it’s still profitable to trade the exchanges without using software and how software has changed the trading landscape over time.

Show Cliffnotes:

– Introduction to Peter Webb and his trading background.
– Introduction to Betangel and what it’s designed to do.
– Discussion covering impact of trading software.
– Can you still trade profitably without software?
– Is using trading software gaining an unfair advantage.
– Future of trading software.
– Contact info/outro.


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– Betcast on Twitter @bettingmandave
– Betangel/Peter Webb on Twitter @betangel
Betangel practice mode.

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