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Pre-Race Trading Guide & Interview With Caan Berry – EP005

Pre-Race Trading

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In Episode 5 of Betcast I’m joined by Caan Berry to discuss pre-race trading on the horses. Caan has been working as a full time trader in these markets for over a year and a half now and has a great insight into the way the markets move and how to profit from them.

Caan got interested in trading after watching the TV programme ‘Blag A Million’ and eventually left his job working in the army to trade full time. His goal in 2014 is to make £100,000… and don’t worry I asked him all about that at the end of todays episode.

The aim of this episode is to help people learn pre-race horse race trading and help them become profitable in these markets. Both swing trading and scalping are discussed at length and there’s also info about Caan’s pre-race trading guide and what you can expect from it.

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • How Caan got into trading and what it’s like when you first start out.
  • Advice for new traders and how they can get off on a profitable note with pre-race trading
  • Caan’s YouTube channel where you can watch him trade various pre-race markets live.
  • Ways in which you can start to learn how different racing markets will move and react.
  • External factors which may affect the price of any horse.
  • Which markets traders might look to avoid and why.
  • What you can get out of Caan’s pre-race trading guide and who it’s aimed at.

Resources Mentioned:

Link to claim £25 free to open a Betfair account
Caan’s YouTude Channel
Geeks Toy (trading software)
– A list of the top horse racing betting sites.

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To Contact Caan:

– Direct emails about the Pre-Race Trading Course or Video Course to
– Twitter @Caanberrytrader
– Facebook page:

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