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2014/2015 NFL Season Peview With Sean Green – EP013


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Betcast is back this week with a look at the upcoming NFL season. I know it’s a couple of weeks in already but as I’m off to Wembley to see the Raiders v Dolphins game at the weekend I couldn’t resist doing an episode on the upcoming season.

On the show, which is now episode 13, I’m joined by Sean T Green from the Sports Gambling Podcast. He’s a California resident, Eagles fan, and got out of bed super early to record the show with me to compensate for the time difference between there and the UK. He’s also burning it up with his picks so far and with a 27-5 record so he knows what he’s talking about.

The show kicks off with us doing a quick run through of the most popular NFL markets and we also get some of the terminology out of the way before diving right in and taking a look at each division. Sean gives us his predictions for each division and also who’s going to make the Superbowl. There’s some interesting insight which could definitely be used from a trading standpoint to cash in on early season surprises where the division winner markets are concerned.

At the end of the show he also gives out a tip for this weekend’s game at Wembley which I’ve already backed so it better be a good one! As always I hope you enjoy the show guys and if you’ve got any comments then get in touch with me via the about page or hit me up on Twitter where my handle is @bettingmandave.

Covered In This Episode:

– NFL betting terminology and how it differs from what UK punters might be used to.
– The most popular NFL betting markets and how they work.
– How the NFL is structured from divisions, conferences, playoffs and the Superbowl.
– Sean’s predictions for each division from the AFC and NFC.
– Sean’s predictions for the two teams to make it to the Superbowl and the eventual winner.
– Insight into early season form and how teams will likely react.
– A couple of tips for the Oakland v Miami game this Sunday at Wembley.


– Sean’s podcast… the Sports Gambling Podcast
– Sean on twitter @gamblingpodcast and @seantgreen
– Betcast on twitter @bettingmandave

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