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How To Win Trading Tennis – EP006

How To Win Trading Tennis

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This week’s episode of Betcast (episode 6) continues on our current theme of sports trading but this time covers a sport we haven’t looked at before and that’s tennis. It’s one of the most well traded sports on the exchanges plus has decent liquidity and frequency making it the perfect addition to anyone’s portfolio.

I’m joined today by Paul from Trade Shark Tennis and I’m going to fire as many questions as possible at him so you guys can learn where to get started with tennis trading and what to look for in the markets to allow you to identify solid entry and exit points. The episode runs a little longer than usual but there’s definitely some good tips so it’s well worth hearing.

As always I hope you guys enjoy the show and if there’s anything you’d like me to cover in future episodes or you want to give me any feedback then hit up my about page for my contact details.

This Episode Covers:

  • Paul’s route into trading and the hurdles he had to overcome to get profitable.
  • The mental side of sports trading and hypnosis.
  • How to identify good entry points when trading tennis.
  • How to identify good exit points when trading tennis.
  • What to look for in the tennis markets to gain an edge.
  • Where to get free daily tennis trading tips.
  • Paul’s £29 Trade Shark Tennis course, what you’ll get out of it and how it can help you.
  • How to contact Paul if you have any questions.


Special sign up link for a £25 free bet when joining Betfair.
– A list of the
best tennis bookmakers.

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– E-Mail to or
– Twitter @Trade_Shark

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