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How To Make Money On Betfair – Betcast EP002

How To Make Money Using Betfair

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When I started Betcast it was my aim to help teach punters how to make a profit betting sports and I’m happy to say that this show fits the bill perfectly. In this episode of Betcast I bring a guest onto the show and we talk about how to make money using Betfair trading sports.

Ryan Carruthers, my guest, is one of the biggest money earners trading sports right now and uses Betfair to make a living. He trades all kinds of different sporting markets with a focus on football, horse racing and tennis. In one summer he managed over £20,000 profit laying horses and was hooked every since.

If you want to find out how to use betting exchanges to make a profit then this episode should be right up your street. It’s a little longer than EP001 and runs for around 20 minutes but it’s well worth a listen.

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • How Ryan first got into sports trading.
  • How you can learn to trade sports the exact same ways as Ryan did.
  • Where to start and what strategies to use as a beginner trader.
  • Systems and strategies which you can use to make a profit on Betfair.
  • Where to connect with other sports traders, share ideas and expand your trading portfolio.
  • About Bet Green (Ryans website) which is the premier online trading advice and info portal.

Resources Mentioned In The Episode:

Link to claim £25 free at Betfair if you’re a new customer.
Ryan’s free trades on Twitter.
Bet Green Facebook page.

To contact Ryan:

– Direct message on Twitter or Facebook
– Email to
– Use contact form on Bet Green website

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