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Betfair Trading Community & Interview With Martin Futter – EP16

Betfair Trading Community

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Well here it is… the long awaited 16th episode of Betcast. It’s my first recording of 2015 and I know you think I’m probably biased but in my opinion it’s probably the best show to date. It’s all about the Betfair Trading Community but there are some absolute pearls in there from Martin Futter about trading and trading strategy as well.

Martin got interested in trading sports thanks to his dad who is now also a professional Betfair trader. Although he’s the first to admit that his dad didn’t teach him much in the beginning I think it’s clear when you hear the show that he might have provided a helping hand along the way.

After we talk about Martin and his trading background we move on to discuss trading strategy. There’s some really interesting stuff about cricket trading and we talk about a game Martin traded profitably this morning and the exact strategy he used and why. We also talk tennis trading and move on to disscuss how the guys in the BTC (Betfair Trading Community) are still using the lay the draw system and making it pay for them.

Martin shares more about trading systems and strategies that you can action than any other guest I’ve had on the show – as you can imagine it makes for a great listen.

We round up the show by discussing the BTC and what it offers its members. How to join, how much it costs and who to email with any questions. I do ask some tough questions about sharing profitable trading secrets in this segment of the show that Martin answers honestly and in a very genuine manner.

In Episode 16 You Will Hear

– Who Martin Futter is and how he got into trading.
– The exact strategy he used to trade the Australia v India Cricket World Cup semi-final with this morning.
– How Martin approaches tennis trading and what kind of trades he’s looking out for.
– How to use the LTD football strategy profitably and what games to look out for.
– Who and what the Betfair Trading Community are.
– How to get in touch if you have any questions.

Resources :

Betcast on Twitter
Contact Betcast with guest suggestions
Betfair Trading Community website
Betfair Trading Community blog
– – for any questions

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