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A Pro Guide To The Best NFL Betting Sites

NFL LogoIt’s likely if you’re reading this page, on my European based website, that NFL isn’t the main sport you bet online.

Bookmakers on this side of the pond focus their attention towards football and horse racing but there are a couple of American Football betting promotions worth knowing about and that’s what I plan to detail on this page.

Best Betting Sites For NFL

Betfred: Best For First Touchdown Scorer

Betfred is the other bookmaker I feel it’s worth mentioning on this page. Their NFL specific promotion is aimed at anyone betting on the games first touchdown scorer.

Double Delight First Touchdown

NFL Double DelightThis promotion applies to all games shown live on Sky Sports, which is usually two every Sunday from 5pm onwards.

It states that if you place a first touchdown scorer bet on an applicable fixture and your selection gets the first touchdown of the game and then bags another you’ll get paid out at double odds. If it’s first and no more than it’s paid at the original odds of your bet.

The maximum bonus per customer is £3,000 and any bets placed using a free bet on this promotion are invalid. You must place your bet before the game starts.

Bet £10 Get £30 Free Bets

If you want to join Betfred and take them on using this promo then you may as well bag yourself the £30 in free bets offer for new customers as well.

Just deposit £10 into your account when you first make it and place that at odds of 2.0 or higher on any market. Win or lose this will trigger £30 in free bets for you to use. When you use your free bet you’ll return winnings only and not stake amount if it wins.

-> If you click this link to open your account then it will automatically be tagged with the £30 free bet offer.

T&C's apply, new customers only, 18+

Other Value at Betfred

How to Bet on the NFL

Thanks largely to factors such as better television coverage and the presence of competitive games in London each year, the NFL’s popularity in the UK has exploded. Given the close relationship between sport and online gambling on this side of the pond, too, that means that there are now also far more people who enjoy a cheeky punt on American football.

As such, bookmakers are starting to offer more betting options for the NFL and I’m going to run through a few of them here to help you along if you’re thinking of jumping on the NFL betting bandwagon.

Money Line

The first NFL betting market that it’s important to talk about is the ‘money line’ market. A ‘money line’ bet on the NFL is a bet on one or other of the two teams in a given game to win the game (either at the end of regulation or after overtime). Due to the generally competitive nature of the NFL, you’re never likely to see a team at odds of greater than around 3/1 or 4/1 and one side in a contest is often only available at odds on.

Handicap / Spread

‘Handicap’ or ‘spread’ betting is arguably the most popular form of wagering on the NFL and is offered by all online bookmakers who cover the league. For the ‘handicap’ or ‘spread’ market, a particular points range is set for each game. One side is given a negative points value equal to the distance by which the bookmaker believes they should win the game and the other a corresponding positive value representing how much it is believed they should lose by.

Bets on this market, therefore, are wagers on either the favoured team to win by more points than predicted or on the underdog team to lose by fewer or to win. The point of a ‘handicap’ or ‘spread’ market is to present two supposedly equally likely alternatives bet on, so the odds for each side of a ‘spread’ market will be the same.


A third commonly offered and regularly bet on NFL market is the ‘total’ or ‘total points’ market. This market, as its name suggests, is based upon predicting the total number of points scored cumulatively by both teams during the course of a game.

Bookmakers will set a pre-determined points total for each game and punters are given the opportunity to bet that there will be either ‘over’ or ‘under’ that number of total points. Similarly to ‘spread’ markets, bookmakers aim to make the two alternatives equally likely, meaning that odds for either ‘over’ or ‘under’ in any given game are generally the same.

Prop Bets

The above are unquestionably the three main markets offer by bookmakers for any and all NFL games. Many of the top bookmakers, however, also provide a large selection of what are known as ‘Prop Bets’. Prop Bets are additional markets run for each game, which can cover everything from the first touchdown scorer or the winning margin, down to the first team to reach five points or even the result of the initial coin toss. For many NFL games, therefore, the betting alternatives are almost endless.