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Experts Guide: Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

Horse Racing BettingHorse racing is one of the easiest sports to find added value from online bookmakers and on this page I intend to show you exactly where to get the most bang for your buck (or pound… whatever you get it).

Below is a table which compares the best horse racing betting sites and lists their top features. Following that I’ve included some essential info on best odds guaranteed and live streaming which all racing punters should read.

Best Betting Sites For Horse Racing

I strongly recommend you check out the specific reading below before deciding which horse racing bookmaker to go with. The ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’ article is a MUST for any racing punter.

Specific Reading

Best Odds Guaranteed

Best Odds GuaranteedIf you’re not betting with a bookmaker that offers a best odds guaranteed promotion then you’re likely missing out on significant returns. This page details the best horse racing bookies who offer best odds guaranteed to their customers. Not all BOG offers are equal.

How To Watch Any Race

Live Horse RacingYou can watch any horse race you’ve bet on from the UK, Ireland, France, South America and the USA. Find out exactly how on this page. You can watch on your desktop pc, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Horse Racing Best Odds Guaranteed

Regardless of which of the above bookies you choose, it always pays to use a bookmaker which offers best odds guaranteed on hotrse racing. The dedicated best odds guaranteed page explains why in greater detail, but I’ll offer a brief explanation here, too, as part of this guide to horse racing betting…

How BOG Works:

Best Odds Guaranteed On Horse RacesWhen a race has best odds guaranteed terms applied to it by a bookmaker, it means that bets placed on the day of the race will pay out at whichever is the longer price between that at the time the bet was placed and the horse’s eventual starting price. That means that a punter is guaranteed to get the best odds possible once they’ve placed their bet, hence the name of the terms.

Best odds guaranteed terms, therefore, can prove really beneficial for a punter in the case of a horse whose price drifts significantly before the off. If you place a bet at 10/1, for example, and see your selection’s price lengthen to 20/1 by the start of the race, best odds guaranteed ensures that you get the 20/1 if your horse wins.

Bet & Watch Horse Racing Live

Racing UK StreamAnother major advance in the world of horse racing betting has arrived in the shape of live streaming. With the help of live streaming, punters can watch races from all over the world from the comfort of their own home, through their PC, laptop or mobile device.

Betvictor provide one of the very best live streaming services when it comes to horse racing, and if watching your selections romp home is something that appeals to you, you may want to check them out.

All races shown on the ATR and RUK TV channels are also streamed live through Betvictor and in order to watch them, all you need to have done is to have placed a bet worth at least 50p on the race in question.

Geographical restrictions do apply when it comes to the availability of live streams, and full details as well as a schedule for streaming is available through the Betvictor website.

Bet & watch your race live at Betvictor now!

*Race replays are also now available.

How to Bet on Horse Racing

As I’ve already talked about where to bet on horse racing I thought I should also cover how to bet on it as well. Below I’ve detailed the most popular bets, how they work and what odds you can expect to find on them…

Race Winner

The simplest possible horse racing bet that you can place is one on the ‘race winner’ market. That is simply a wager on the horse you think will pass the winning post first and isn’t really any more complicated than that.

The only other thing to keep in mind about these bets is the fact that an each-way alternative will also often be available. The exact number of places that will count for an each-way bet differs depending on how many runners a race has, and the size of returns provided for a place is set by each individual bookmaker for each race.


After race winner bets, the next most popular type of horse racing market is probably the ‘forecast’ market and you’ll find it listed at all horse racing betting sites.

A ‘forecast’ bet is a wager that predicts not only the winner of a race but also the horse which will come in second. As such, ‘forecasts’ typically boast much longer odds than simple ‘race winner’ bets but are also more difficult to land successfully.

Reverse Forecasts

Related to, but not exactly the same as ‘forecast’ bets, ‘reverse forecast’ markets are also often provided by online bookmakers.

A ‘reverse forecast’ also involves a punter selecting two horses from a given race but does not require them to decide in which order they will finish. Instead, the bet is like an each-way bet in that it has two parts; one which pays out if the horses finish in one order and the other if they finish the other way around.


If ‘forecasts’ and ‘reverse forecasts’ aren’t enough to get your pulse racing, ‘tricast’ and ‘reverse tricast’ wagers take things one step further still.

Working in almost exactly the same way as the forecast markets, tricast bets require punters to select the first three finishers in any given race and generally return enhanced odds reflective of the extra difficulty involved in doing so.

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