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Pro Punters Guide To The Best Greyhound Betting Sites

Greyhound BettingIf you’re looking for added value as an online greyhound punter then you’ve come to the right place. You’ve got a few realistic options when it comes to the bookmaker you should be using and I’ve broken down the best right here.

Below I’ll explain which bookie you should use for greyhound betting and why. I’ll also detail any promotions I think you’ll be interested in.

Best Greyhound Betting Sites

Best Odds Guaranteed On Greyhounds

Best Odds Guaranteed On Greyhound RacingYou’ll see the majority of greyhound bookmakers listed above offer a best odds guaranteed promotion, it is important for any would-be greyhound punter to understand what is meant by ‘best odds guaranteed’ because it can significantly improve your winnings…

Best odds guaranteed is a phrase associated with both horse racing and greyhound racing and refers to terms applied to a bet placed in advance of a given race. What best odds guaranteed means is that if you place a bet on a dog ahead of the start of a race at a certain price, your bet will pay out at whatever is the longer price between that which you originally took and the dog’s starting price.

Say, for example, you put a bet on a dog at odds of 5/1 around two hours before the start of a race. By the start time, the dog’s price may have drifted out to 7/1, with best odds guaranteed terms your bet will get that 7/1 rather than the original 5/1.

It should be obvious, therefore, that it is in the interest of any greyhound punter to bet with a bookmaker which offers best odds guaranteed terms.

Coral: Bet & Watch

Live Greyhound Stream

Alongside whether they offer best odds guaranteed terms, another key factor to consider when choosing a greyhound betting site is how good their live streaming service is.

It’s for that reason that I would recommended giving Coral a try, as they excel in terms of the number of greyhound races streamed live and the ease at which you can watch them.

Live streams of greyhound races provided by RPGTV, BAGS and Coral themselves are available to view each and every day, with each different type being accessible in a slightly different way.

To watch you must:

  • Races which are streamed live are available to watch by any customer who has placed a qualifying £1 bet on the race.

Bet & watch your dog run live online at Coral now!

Geo restrictions apply.

How To Bet On Greyhounds

Traditionally and inextricably linked to gambling, greyhound racing is a hugely popular sport with punters and as such, pretty much every online bookmaker offers a good deal of betting options for greyhound races. If you’re interested in having a punt on the dogs but don’t really know where to start, simply read on to learn a little about the main greyhound betting markets you’re likely to find and how they work.

Race Winner

It almost goes without saying that the most popular and most commonly available market for any greyhound race is the ‘race winner’ market. Just like in horse racing, a ‘race winner’ bet is a wager on a selection to cross the line first and, in most cases, each way terms are also available. For most standard six dog races, those each way terms will be set at around ¼ odds for first and second place.

In general, because it’s more unpredictable and competitive than horse racing, in this market you’ll see the runners priced at somewhere between evens and 7/1.


After the ‘race winner’ market, probably the next most popular type of greyhound bet is a ‘race forecast’. A ‘forecast’ bet allows a punter to predict not only the winner of a give greyhound race but also the dog which will come in second. Since it is obviously more difficult to predict the first two finishes in a race, odds for forecasts tend to be longer than for simple ‘race winner’ bets.

Reverse Forecast

‘Reverse forecast’ bets are very similar to simple forecasts but differ in a couple of very important ways…

Whilst they also involve a punter selecting two dogs from a race to finish in the top two, they do not involve the punter specifying in which order the selections will finish. Instead, a punter places essentially two separate but linked bets on the two chosen dogs finishing in either order.

‘Reverse forecast’ bets, therefore, require double the stake of simple forecasts but pay out in two separate circumstances. The odds for each part of a reverse forecast will obviously be slightly different, given the individual odds of each of the dogs, but should always be the same as those offered on a straight forecast for those selections.


A final popular type of greyhound which you’ll find at all the best betting sites for greyhounds takes a similar shape to the two discussed immediately above is a ‘tricast’ bet. A ‘tricast’ is a bet which predicts the first three, rather than just the first two, dogs to finish a given race.

Just like ‘forecast’ bets, ‘tricasts’ can be placed as either straight or reverse alternatives but – as they involve successfully predicting the first three finishers in a race – they will always offer significantly longer odds. That is because, however, they are unquestionably a more difficult bet to land than a ‘forecast’ or a ‘race winner’ wager.

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