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Guide To The Best UKash Betting Sites

UKash LogoYou’ll be pleased to know that UKash is accepted at a number of different online betting sites for both deposits and withdrawals. It is also, in my opinion, about the safest way possible to move money in or out of your betting account. It might not be the most convenient but it is rock solid in terms of protecting your personal data.

Below I’ve used my experience to rank the bookmakers that accept UKash so you can establish where you’ll get the most added value and therefore the best deal. Also don’t miss my take on why UKash is so safe and secure plus exactly how it works for gambling transactions.

UKash Accepted Betting Sites

*Listings accurate as of 18-08-2019 (UK market).

Why UKash Is So Safe & Appealing

The thing I love most about UKash as a deposit option for online betting is the fact that your personal financial details are totally protected.

When you use a UKash voucher to deposit you never share your card or bank details with the bookies. Even if your computer has been hacked (say with a Keylogger virus) or there’s a security breach at the merchant you aren’t exposed as your details aren’t stored anywhere.

On top of having total protection for your financial details you’ve also got complete anonymity when you use UKash. No banks are involved tracking what you do and there’s no statement anywhere which shows your activity. It’s more or less totally untraceable.

Oh and it’s totally free to use.

The only real negative point is that you’ve got to find somewhere you can buy UKash vouchers and somewhere you can cash them in when you withdraw. You can do this by clicking the ‘Get Ukash’ link on their websites homepage (it’s in the top grey menu).

UKash For Online Betting: Process Explained

The process by which you acquire UKash is the main reason behind it’s safety. If you haven’t used it before here’s exactly how it works:

Get UkashStep 1: You first need to acquire a UKash voucher. This can be done from a range of different outlets. To find the closest to you visit the ‘Get UKash’ section of their website.

Step 2: Next up you simply decide on the amount of UKash voucher you want to buy, pay for it and in exchange get a 19 digit UKash code.

Step 3: You now need to open an account with one of the UKash friendly bookmakers listed above. If you’ve already got one then you can skip this step.

Step 4: Log into your account and visit the deposit section. Select UKash as your preferred option and then simply enter your 19 digit UKash voucher code.

Step 5: Your account will then be funded and you’ll be free to use your balance as you please.

For Withdrawals: Simply visit the withdrawal section when logged into your account and request the amount you wish to cash out. You’ll be given a new 19 digit code to the value of your request.

You can then spend this code anywhere that accepts UKash vouchers or you make a cash withdrawal at a selected ATM or Shop. Use the ‘Spend UKash’ then ‘Cash Withdrawals’ link on their website for more info.

Note: At no point do you ever use any of your financial details online. The process is therefore much safer than using a debit or credit card to deposit and actually safer than an e-wallet as well, although not quite as convenient.

Other Recommended Options:

PayPal – great for protecting your financial details

PayPal PayPal is also another deposit option which really protects your personal financial information and allows you to remain anonymous when you deposit into any online gambling website.

Neteller – protection & anonymity

Neteller You could also try using a Neteller account if you want the same level of protection as UKash. There are some fees though so PayPal is probably a slightly better choice.