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What Is The Safest Overall Deposit Method?

Safe Despoit OptionsA common question punters have is ‘what the safest way to put money into an online betting account?’. The answer might not be what you first think but when you read it you’ll understand why.

Below you’ll find a run through of the safest options, including the options we recommend and an explanation of why they’ve been chosen.

Safest Deposit Options

To keep it simple the list will start with the safest first:

#1: E-Wallets (PayPal & Neteller)

PayPal is our preferred choice of deposit option at any online betting site but when it comes to safety they are all pretty much on par. PayPal just has no fee’s attached which make it a clear stand out.

There are three main reasons:

Safest Payments1) Both deposits and withdrawals come instantly out of and go instantly back into your e-wallet without a fee.

2) Depositing via an e-wallet service is the only way to avoid sharing your card details with the gambling site in question.

When you deposit using PayPal you log into your betting account, select the amount to deposit and then you are transferred to PayPal’s website to confirm the transaction. You card details are blocked out and at no point are they shared, your financial details remain completely anonymous.

This means that if you have ever accidentally picked up a Keylogger virus (a nasty program which tracks what you type) then it won’t be able to log your card details and steal them from you. Plus if there is ever a security breach at your bookmakers (in other industries these are starting to become quite common) then your details aren’t stored anywhere so you’ll be protected.

3) Your bank doesn’t know you’ve made the deposit. All that will be seen on your bank statement is a deposit into your PayPal account. If you make a withdrawal it will also just look like the money has come back out of PayPal.

To see why this is important read our post on how to deposit and keep your card details private. This method stops the bank, and anyone reading your bank statements, from tracking your actions.

Or you can check out a list of the best PayPal betting sites here and dive straight in. Neteller is available at many bookies also but some are dropping it and the fee’s mean PayPal is a much better option.

#2: Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard etc.)

Debit CardFor years I used to use my debit card for online gambling transactions and it wasn’t until pretty recently that I encountered any kind of problems.

Here are the pro’s and con’s:


  • Deposits are processed instantly.
  • Deposits and withdrawals come directly from and go directly back to your bank account.
  • All transactions are free.
  • The min deposit is £5 as oppose to e-wallets which are £10.


  • Withdrawals back to your bank account take anywhere between 1 and 3 days.
  • If your computer is infected with a keylogger virus then when you type in your card details it’s highly likely they’ll be stolen.
  • The bank will know exactly what you’ve done with your money. I’ve had my account temporarily suspended due to online gambling transactions twice.
  • Your card details will be stored meaning a security breach at the bookies means you’ll have to cancel your card and quick.

Using your bank card would be a safe choice at any bookmaker and we’ve got a list of the best sites that take debit cards along with the bonuses offered to new customers.

#3 Credit Cards

Credit CardsCredit cards are quite a unique deposit method when it comes to online gambling and one which a lot of people just assume is the safest bet.

The BIG PLUS is that if your card details ever gets stolen then you’re insured against any losses. However that’s not enough to boost credit cards up our list because they have some serious flaws when used at betting websites

Firstly: Your credit card limit is likely much higher than the amount of money you keep in your current account. If your card details are stolen and someone maxed out the credit card limit it could end up being be a lot more than if they spent all the money in your current account.

Secondly: Whilst the bookmakers won’t charge you for using this method most credit card providers charge a small fee when you make a withdrawal.

Thirdly: You can never withdraw more than you deposited via a Credit Card so if you do win you need to connect another method to your account to get the money out.

If you’re planning to use a credit card you may as well just deposit into PayPal with it and then move your money from there.

However if you want to use yours then here we’ve reviewed the best credit card friendly bookmakers and listed the perks for signing up.