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Punters Guide To The Best Paysafecard Betting Sites

Paysafecard LogoA range of betting sites accept Paysafecard as a deposit option and I’ve listed them all below along with a ranking based on value available to new customers. I’ve also made sure to list what the min and max deposit amounts are for anyone using the Paysafecard method.

Please be aware before you deposit that you won’t be able to use Paysafecard as a withdrawal option. Bank Transfer is your only option for withdrawing any winnings out of your account.

Bookmakers Accepting Paysafecard

If you’re not 100% sure about using Paysafecard for betting then my take on the matter is below. Take special note of the section on withdrawing and security.

*Listings accurate as of 21-08-2019 (UK market).

Should You Really Be Using Paysafecard For Online Betting?

Good question and the answer is both yes and no… by that I mean I wouldn’t go out of my way to select this deposit option but if I had a Paysafecard already I’d certainly use it.

Let me explain.

Problems With Withdrawing

The main reason I think Paysafecard isn’t a great long term option for sports betting is the problem with withdrawals. You can deposit using Paysafecard but you can’t withdraw.

You have to find another method for withdrawing and this is usually always predetermined as bank transfer. The reason for this is the bookies want to protect themselves from being used for money laundering.

If you could deposit a whole heap of cash at a Paysafecard friendly bookmakers, place a couple of bets and then withdraw the money using a range of methods then you could quite easily launder money. At least if they make you use bank transfer after a Paysafecard deposit there’s a clear paper trail leading back to the person who’s account it is.

On the plus side of things it is very quick and totally free to get a bank transfer cash out of any online betting site. It’s also quite safe, I’ve done it many times without problem.

Paysafecard and Security

The original point I made about withdrawing brings me on to another point I feel it’s important to make about Paysafecard betting sites and deposits.

Whilst when you deposit you are protecting your card details and personal information, all you need is your Paysafecard code, when you withdraw you are passing your personal financial details over anyway.

The problem with withdrawing means that unless you never plan to win any money you’re negating the main security reasons to use Paysafecard in the first place (protecting your credit or debit card details). In that respect from a security perspective it seems like a pointless choice.

If security and protecting your personal details is your main concern when depositing at any bookies you should read this article: What’s The Safest Deposit Option Available

Better Options With Easier Withdrawals

PayPal – top security & easy withdrawing

PayPal PayPal is the deposit option I personally use and it’s way better for withdrawals than Paysafecard as you can access you winnings within 24 hours. Plus there are no fees involved and security is state of the art.

Avoid withdrawal issues by using Debit Card

Debit Card If you use your debit card to deposit instead of a Paysafecard then you won’t face the same annoying issues when you come to withdraw you winnings. Any money taken out of your account goes instantly back into your bank account.