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Specialist Guide To The Best PayPal Betting Sites

PayPal LogoPayPal is a freaking awesome idea for any online gambling deposit. It’s the method I personally use to fund all my betting accounts and it’s without a doubt the safest available.

Below I’ve rated all the different online bookmakers which accept PayPal deposits and tried to highlight the benefits of each one individually.

PayPal Accepting Betting Sites

*Listings accurate as of 23-08-2019 (UK market).

Rankings Explained

I feel like I should explain my rankings a little here because I’m sure you’ve noticed one site in particular offers a PayPal specific bonus to new customers (that’s Coral) but doesn’t rank highly.

The bottom line is I’ve tried to establish my rankings based on the long term value available to you as a punter with each bookmaker. Whilst Coral do offer this initial bonus for PayPal deposits after that they do very little to keep your business. It’s for that reason I don’t put them higher in the list – it’s not all about the opening account bonus and £5 extra isn’t that significant.

Why I Personally Use PayPal & You Should Too

If you’ve read either of my Safest Overall Deposit Method or How To Deposit But Still Keep Your Card Details Safe articles then you’ll already know I’m a massive fan of using PayPal to move money in and out of any betting account.

In fact as of right now I don’t have an account with any non PayPal friendly online bookies.

Three BIG Reasons To Use PayPal:

I’m confident that after reading this you’ll see why PayPal is a good idea for online gambling transactions of any kind.

Protecting Your Card Details

If you deposit with PayPal for online betting then when you actually make the deposit you are redirected to the PayPal website to confirm the amount and transaction.

This means that you never actually share your card details with anyone other than PayPal. The major benefits being that your bookmaker never stores or even sees your card details. Depositing this way means you protect your card details from being lost or stolen.

Plus if anyone did ever manage to break into your betting account they wouldn’t be able to deposit funds because they wouldn’t be able to confirm the transaction from PayPal. If you’ve got a card registered then it’s just not as safe.

Protecting Yourself

This one is often overlooked but for me it’s really important. By using PayPal as my deposit option my bank statement just shows transactions in and out of PayPal. No connection between my bank and my bookmaker are ever made.

In the past I’ve had temporary account suspensions due to online gambling transactions and it’s a right pain. Using PayPal prevents this from happening and stops your bank knowing what you’re doing.

It also stops anyone else who might see your bank statement knowing what you are doing.

Instant & Free Money Transfer

One of the major benefits you’ll experience at any PayPal betting site is instant money transfers. By that I mean any deposit into your online betting account will happen instantly and any withdrawal will go instantly back to PayPal. Neither are subject to PayPal fees.

Withdrawals from your PayPal account to your bank account now also happen instantly and are completely free of charge.

If You Don’t Have A PayPal Account…

If you don’t yet have an account with PayPal then where have you been and what have you been doing for the last 10 years?!

On a more serious note though… they are free to open and you can use any credit or debit card to deposit into them. Bank transfers are also accepted plus you can send to or receive money from anyone else with a PayPal account.

To open an account now visit: then pick one of the top PayPal bookmakers recommended above and get cracking.