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Mastercard Betting Sites & Bookmakers

Mastercard Betting SitesA financial services company familiar to pretty much everyone in the world, there aren’t many people who don’t have either a debit card or a credit card from Mastercard.

You’re going to find bookmakers that take Mastercard are everywhere and it can be hard to work out which are the best. The table below shows the best Mastercard accepting betting sites, as reviewed independently by us, and the bonus deals they offer for new customers.

Best Bookmakers That Accept Mastercard

*Listings accurate as of 18-07-2019 (UK market).

Mastercard Debit vs Credit Cards

Now that you know just which sites accept both Mastercard debit and credit cards, you’re probably wondering which it is better to use to deposit to your betting account.

In truth, there isn’t a great deal of difference but the following will should cover everything you need to know about using both types of card as an online gambling payment method.

Speed & Convenience

SpeedMastercard debit cards are accepted by almost all betting sites. You will only need to enter your basic card details once with your chosen bookmaker and the site can then save those details for you allowing speedy transactions in the future. That means that for every subsequent deposit, all you’ll have to do is tap in your password and card security code (CCV) to get things moving. Deposits using both debit and credit cards are great.

However… withdrawals are a little different because whilst you can withdraw any amount won to your debit card and then in turn straight back to your bank account with a credit card you can only withdraw up to the same amount as you deposited. Anything above that amount will need to be withdrawn using a different deposit option.

  • Debit cards – great for both quick and easy deposits and withdrawals.
  • Credit cards – good for deposits but can only withdraw up to the amount you deposited, then you need a different method to get the rest out.


Fee'sFortunately, the news is pretty much entirely good when it comes to the fees associated with using a betting sites that accept Mastercard… you won’t encounter any. In the past you may have encountered fee’s for using a credit card but currently I’m not aware of any bookmaker still operating that policy.

  • Debit cards – no fee’s for deposit or withdrawals.
  • Credit cards – no fee’s for deposit or withdrawals.

Security & Privacy

SecurityMastercard credit cards, as well as debit cards, are very well protected when it comes to their use for online purchases and transactions. The same SSL encryption required of online merchants, after all, still benefit both and Mastercard’s own SecureCode service also extends to both types of card.

It is in the event that anything goes wrong and those security measures fail, however, that Mastercard credit cards provide a distinct advantage over the debit card alternatives. That advantage is that if a fraudster gets hold of your credit card details and makes fraudulent purchases, you can simply refuse to pay for those transactions when your next bill rolls around.

What that means is that even if your Mastercard credit card details are compromised, you will still not find yourself out of pocket – as long as you pay decent attention to the size and nature of your bill.

  • Debit Cards – transactions securely protected but if card fraud evident no insurance against losses.
  • Credit Cards – again transactions securely protected but all spending on a credit card is insured giving you an extra layer of protection against fraudulent activity.

Debit & Credit Card Differences in Summary

  • Mastercard debit cards are quick and easy to use for deposits and withdrawals of all sizes. Credit cards, on the other hand, can only be used to withdraw amounts worth less than initial deposits.
  • If a Mastercard credit card is fraudulently used, you can simply refuse to pay for the fraudulent transactions. The process of recouping funds lost through fraud affecting a debit card is far lengthier and more difficult.
  • Deposits from a Mastercard debit card will leave your current account immediately, deposits from a credit card will need to be paid for as part of your next bill.

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