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Simple Guide To The Best EntroPay Betting Sites

Entropay LogoEntroPay is available at some online bookmakers as a deposit and withdrawal option. I’ve listed those bookies who accept Entropay below and also pointed out what benefits you’ll get for joining each.

I don’t actually recommend EntroPay for online transactions but it is an extremely safe way of moving money in and out of your gambling accounts. The reason I don’t recommend it are the high fees attached but more on that after the list.

EntroPay Accepted Online Bookmakers

If you’re not aware of what fees you’re currently paying to Entropay then I encourage you to read the next section. It might open your eyes to a better deposit solution.

*Listings accurate as of 24-08-2019 (UK market).

Entropay Fees You’ll Have To Pay

So if you’re planning to use Entropay to fund and withdraw from any online betting account you should be aware of what that’s going to cost you.

You’ll be pleased to hear that at no point will the online bookmaker themselves charge you for using Entropay with them. The only fee’s in place come from Entropay themselves and they aren’t insignificant.

Here are the fee’s you’ll encounter:

  • Putting money onto your virtual EntroPay card from a debit or credit card – 4.95%
  • Tranfer of funds from Entropay to online bookmakers – free
  • Withdrawing fund from online bookies to Entropay – 1.95%
  • Forgien exchange fee – 2%
  • Wtihdraw money to debit or credit card – £3

If you compare the fee’s charged by Entropay to using say PayPal (which is totally free) to fund your account then it is going to cost you more.

A £100 deposit with Entropay will cost you £4.95 to get the money onto your card, it’ll be free to deposit at the bookmakers and then you’ll be charged 1.95% of whatever you withdraw out of your betting account.

If you withdrew your deposit straight away you’d lose £4.95 + £1.80 for a total cost of £6.75 and you’d be left with £93.25.

That seems steep to me just for moving money around online.

If you agree then I strongly suggest you check out my article on PayPal friendly bookmakers as you’ll not incur fee’s using Paypal at any stage.

A Word On Entropay Safety Levels

Whilst I do feel you pay too much to use Entropay for online betting I can’t find fault with the security and protection they offer their customers. There are three main wins for Entropay in this department:

1) Privacy – First up if you do use Entropay then whatever you do with your money will be fully private. You personal bank statement will just read money transferred to and from Entropay. Nothing betting related will appear.

2) Fraud Prevention – Not only do Entropay have state of the art fraud prevention systems monitoring all their accounts but if somehow someone did steal your virtual card data they’d only be able to spend what’s currently loaded onto the card. If you manage that amount well then you can stay well protected from online card fraud. If someone got your debit card details they’d have access to ALL the fund in your account.

3) Money Management – You can only spend what you’ve preloaded onto your virtual Entropay card. This not only helps with fraud prevention, as stated above, but it also helps you control your personal spending limits.

No Fee Deposit Options

Use a Debit Card for free transactions

Debit Card By using your Visa, Mastercard, Maestro or Solo debit card to deposit and withdraw from any online betting account you’ll never encounter any fees to pay.

PayPal is totally free for gambling

PayPal PayPal is another deposit option you can use for online gambling and you’ll never be charged a fee. It’s the option I personally use and highly recommend it.