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Coral Connect Card Explained: How To Get One

November 5, 2019 3:38 pm Published by

Coral Connect CardThere’s no question that betting online is today far more popular than physically visiting a betting shop to get your wagers on. Popping a quick bet on the gee-gees or the day’s football from the comfort of your sofa, after all, is brilliantly quick, easy and convenient.

In some circumstances, however, it can be beneficial and fun to head to a local betting shop rather than simply doing all of your punting online. The Coral Connect Card makes it easier and simpler for punters to combine their online and in-store betting and offers a selection of additional notable advantages to users. Those advantages, along with all of the other key information about the Coral Connect Card, are what you will find right here on this page.

What is the Coral Connect Card?

ConnectCoral describe their Connect card as ‘an interactive multi-channel’ card which allows punters to bet how and when they like, across all of the bookmaker’s various platforms. What that means is that a Coral customer with a Coral Connect Card are able to use it in one form or another to bet in store, over the phone and online via desktop, mobile or tablet using one connected account.

That means that betting with Coral in whichever form is made far easier and more convenient, thanks to a number of new things which the Connect Card allows for:

Collecting Winnings In-Shop

With a Coral Connect Card, Coral customers can walk into one of the bookmaker’s many betting shops and use their card to collect winnings they have earnt online in cold, hard cash.

Deposit in Cash

Whilst there are generally a lot of options when it comes to depositing to an online betting account, depositing in cash hasn’t previously been possible. With a Coral Connect Card, though, punters can fund their online accounts from in-store with money from their wallet.

Exclusive Offers

As well as the above notable benefits of having a Coral Connect Card, users of the card can also enjoy regular exclusive promotions and bonuses. These comprise both in-store and online offers, and include a reward for signing up to the service.

Fancy a Connect Card? Sign up to coral today & bet £5 get £20 bonus!

T&C's apply, new customers only, 18+

How to Get a Coral Connect Card

If the above has convinced you that a Coral Connect Card is something you simply can’t do without, you can get your hands on one quickly and easily by follow these straightforward step-by-step instructions:

  1. If you haven’t already, sign up for a Coral account at New customers can bet £5 get £20 in free bets (T&C's apply, new customers only, 18+).
  2. Find your local Coral betting shop. There’s a handy ‘Shop Locator’ tool featured as part of the Coral Connect section of the Coral website to give you a helping hand.
  3. Head to the Coral betting shop and tell a member of staff you want to get a Coral Connect Card.
  4. The staff member will ask for your username and will then ask you to select a four digit pin number.
  5. Your new Coral Connect Card will then be activated in store and be ready to use within minutes.


Do I Need ID to Get or to Use a Coral Connect Card?
When you first head to a Coral betting shop to pick up and activate a Coral Connect Card, all you need to give the betting shop staff is your username. If you happen to look under 21 years old, however, you may be asked for proof of age ID, as you would be if you simply wished to place a bet in-store. Similarly, such proof of age may also be requested when you use your Coral Connect Card to pick up winnings or make a deposit.

Additionally, if you have deposited to your account using a debit card and then head to a betting shop to withdraw any winnings using your Coral Connect Card for the first time, you will need to produce that debit card.

How Soon Can I Collect Online Winnings in Cash?
One of the great things about having a Coral Connect Card is that it allows you to pick up the winnings you earn online in cash at a Coral betting shop. Once the winnings have been credited to your online betting account, you can actually pick up your cash immediately from a betting shop. That means that the Coral Connect Card has the added benefit of being able to eliminate the waiting times associated with making a withdrawal by other methods online.
How Much Can I Withdraw Each Day?
In the same way as there is a limit to the amount of cash you can take out from an ATM in a 24 hour period, there is also a maximum placed upon how much cash you can withdraw using your Coral Connect Card. That maximum is set at £500 but it is possible to request additional funds subject to further security checks. Doing so, however, can sometimes take up to 48 hours to authorise.
How Much Can I Deposit?
If you’re looking to use your Coral Connect Card to turn cash into online betting funds, there is also a daily limit applied. In this case, however, the limit is a much more sizeable £5,500 per day.
What Happens if I Lose my Coral Connect Card?
If you can remember your Coral Connect Card number or have it written down, you can request a replacement Coral Connect Card in-store using that number. In order to do so, however, you will need to produce photo ID. If you do not know your card number, you will need to contact Coral customer services and they will advise you as to the process for requesting a new card.

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