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Bookmakers With A Bad Reputation: Worst Betting Sites

November 6, 2019 11:06 am Published by

Worst Betting SitesLook at any industry and you’ll find that some companies are really highly thought of and others have a far sketchier reputation. Bookmaking is no different and this page is going to focus on those bookmakers which have a bad reputation with punters.

We’ll take a look at what it is that has earned them such a reputation and how you can sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to choosing which bookmaker to bet with.

List of 10 Worst Betting Sites & Why:

Rank Bookmaker Rating Why?!
#1 Betway Based in South Africa, multiple won’t pay complaints and slow withdrawals.
#2 Sporting Bet Reports of witholding bonuses and blocking accounts quickly.
#3 Titan Bet Very slow payouts and even slower customer support times.
#4 Sun Bets Not honouring self exclusions and license violations, fined by gambling commission.
#5 Bwin Have scammed marketing partners on multiple occasions, not to be trusted.
#6 Betsafe Poor customer support and no bonus offers or promotions for sports players.
#7 SkyBet Scammed marketing partners out of thousands and not actually owned by Sky.
#8 10Bet 50% deposit bonus with 6x wagering requirement in 30 days too hard to clear.
#9 Gamebookers Very few, if any, bonuses or promotions for customers. Poor value.
#10 Winner Sports High min deposit on bonus and 8x wagering requirement is way too high.

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Why Do Bookmakers Get Bad Reputations?

There are a number of different bookmakers with poor reputations and almost as many different reasons why they’ve garnered those reputations. In general, however, there are a handful of main reasons why bookmakers are viewed poorly by punters and we’re going to try and cover all of those below.

Account Verification

VerificationThis is a little bit of a tricky one to assess. It is undoubtedly true that many punters do develop a poor opinion of bookmakers who ask them to verify their identities before they can make withdrawals. What makes this a bit of a complicated issue, however, is that bookmakers are actually legally required to make such checks as a term of their licences from the Gambling Commission.

In many cases, then, bookmakers who have a poor reputation due to account verification are perhaps a little hard done to. Those who make such verification unnecessarily difficult and long-winded – potentially in order to delay or avoid making payouts – unquestionably deserve to be poorly reviewed, however.

Limiting Access To Promotions

PromotionsAnother reason why some bookmakers gain a poor reputation with punters is if they make their promotions and offers unavailable to many of those punters. Some bookmakers, for instance, will disqualify punters with a successful previous betting record from upcoming promotions in order to limit the profit they may make.

Others, meanwhile, make promotions unavailable to punters in certain nations or territories or to customers who deposit via certain payment methods (usually e-wallets other than PayPal). These practices can be particularly galling to punters if the bookmakers in question make a big deal of publicising and advertising the promotions which many customers can’t actually take part in.

Limiting Bet Amounts

BetsPunters who have a good run of luck or who are simply good at picking out the right bets can often be pretty poorly treated by bookmakers. One of the favourite reactions of those bookmakers to punters making a success of their betting activities is the limiting of the size of bets those punters can subsequently place. In many cases, punters who have turned a decent profit will find that bookmakers make it so that their account can only place very small bets of a couple of pounds or even just a few pence at a time.

This obviously makes the bookmaker very unpopular with the punter in question and will probably see them take their business elsewhere but, unfortunately, that is exactly what the bookie is hoping for. There are few bookmakers who don’t take part in this to at least a degree but it is those which do it routinely and do it to a large number of punters who have the worst reputations.

Closing Accounts

Account ClosureRather than simply limiting bet amounts, some bookmakers go the whole hog and close the accounts of profitable punters. This is a practice which punters obviously hate and which any impartial observers would view as at best unfair and at worst somewhat immoral.

Unfortunately, however, it is both legal and entirely within the bounds of the terms and conditions which punters agree to when signing up to a bookmaker. That doesn’t change the fact, however, that bookmakers who regularly and blithely close punters’ accounts are hugely unpopular and have very poor reputations.

Delaying or Refusing Payouts

Slow PaymentsThe issue of bookmakers delaying or refusing payouts is one which is often linked to the aforementioned issue of account verification. It is often the case, after all, that the reason bookmakers give for such delays to payouts or even outright refusals to pay is that they have not verified a punter’s identity. All such delays in paying out irk punters as they quite rightly point out that the bookmakers do not delay the placing of bets or the depositing of money in the same way.

If a delay is purely imposed so that an account can be verified and if the payout is ultimately made, the bookmaker is not doing anything wrong. Almost indefinite delays and ultimate refusals to pay out for no apparent reason, however, are a perfectly good reason for a bookmaker to develop a very poor reputation.

Poor Customer Service

Customer SupportEveryone has heard the mantra that ‘the customer is always right’. When any business, bookmakers included, seem to entirely ignore that advice, then, it will always lead to them developing a less than favourable reputation.

In the case of customer service from bookmakers specifically, what really annoys punters is if customer service channels (phone, email etc.) are regularly unreachable or if it takes a long time to get any sort of reply. What will also quickly see a bookmaker develop a poor reputation with punters is if their customer service professionals aren’t sufficiently knowledgeable about betting.

Fake Reviews From Competitors

Fake ReviewsHaving outlined a number of disappointing and frustrating bookmaker practices which earn betting companies a poor reputation, it is worth mentioning that not all such reputations are deserved. In this era of fake news, after all, it is certainly not beyond the realms of possibility that some of the poorest reviews posted about certain bookmakers come from their competitors rather than actual punters.
Whether this is the case is always going to be difficult to assess but it is certainly something which should be kept in mind when reading reviews on sites or forums which can be posted to be anyone and everyone.

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