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How It Works: Betfred’s Beat The Clock – 30 Minute Limit

Betfred 30 Minute LimitEveryone loves a good football acca, and thanks to the innovative Beat the Clock – 30 Minute Limit football coupon from Betfred, you don’t even have to wait until half time to see if your punt has been successful.

A great feature for the many thousands of punters who like to bet on any and all football action they can, Betfred’s Beat the Clock – 30 Minute Limit coupon features plenty of matches from loads of different leagues every week. Rather than bet on the result of the games, however, this coupon’s all about predicting if a goal will be scored in the first half an hour.

Like the sound of that? Then here’s exactly how it works…

How Does Beat The Clock Work?

Football coupon featuring European leagues & cups.

Punters select games they think will feature a goal in the first 30 mins

Bets on the coupon must include a min of 3 selections

Odds range from 9/2 for a treble to 3500/1 for a 15-fold

Coupon updated on daily basis.

Exclusive to Betfred – bet £10 get £60 bonus as a new customer!

T&C's apply, new customers only, 18+

What Exactly is Beat the Clock – 30 Minute Limit?

Beat The ClockRather than a promotion or an offer, Beat the Clock – 30 Minute Limit is a special football betting coupon which is run by popular bookmaker Betfred.

Always featuring a wide array of matches due to be played in the upcoming days, the coupon generally encompasses contests from many leagues and cup competitions across Europe.

One of the simplest and most easy to understand coupons you’re ever likely to find, all a punter need do with the Beat the Clock – 30 Minute Limit coupon is to pick out the games which they think will see at least one goal scored in the first half an hour of the game.

As long as you select at least three such games from the coupon, all you then need to do is watch the action and keep your fingers crossed for those early goals.

To keep things as simple and easy as possible, Betfred offer set odds for the Beat the Clock – 30 Minute Coupon based upon the number of selections and regardless of which exact games are included in a bet. Any treble built from the coupon, for instance, will pay out at odds of 9/2 and a four-fold will boast odds of 8/1. The prices then continue to increase impressively up to a marvellous 3500/1 for a 15-fold Beat the Clock – 30 Minute Limit wager.

See the odds yourself by visting now and selecting football > coupons > 30 minute limit

How to Bet: Beat the Clock – 30 Minute Limit Coupon

One of the great things about the Beat the Clock – 30 Minute Limit coupon, aside from its general innovative and fun nature, is how simple and straightforward it is. All you have to do to place a bet on the coupon is follow these easy step-by-step instructions:

  1. Log in to your Betfred account or open one if you haven’t yet – T&C's apply, new customers only, 18+
  2. Select ‘Football’ from the main list of available sports and then choose ‘Coupons’ from the subsequent menu.
  3. Choose the ’30 Minute Limit’ option and the currently available matches will be displayed.
  4. Tick the box next to the matches you wish to include in your bet and they will appear in a bet slip.
  5. Enter your desired stake in the box provided on the bet slip and select ‘Place Bets’.
  6. Wait and watch to see if early goals make your bet a winner.

Notable Terms & Conditions

We’ve already mentioned how pleasantly simple and straightforward the Beat the Clock – 30 Minute Limit coupon is, and that should be ably displayed by how short and easy to understand its main terms and conditions are:

  • All matches on the coupon are for either team to score within the first 30 minutes.
  • The first 30 minute include all goals scored from the beginning of matches up to and including the 30th minute of the matches (29.00 – 29.59).
  • The minimum number of selections required to make up a Beat the Clock – 30 Minute Limit bet is three.
  • If one or several matches which make up a valid bet are subsequently abandoned the bet will be settled at the odds available for the remaining number of selections.
  • If abandonments reduce a bet to a double it will pay out at 7/4, whilst a single will pay out at 8/13.

For full terms and conditions visit the Betfred website.


Does the Result of Each Match Affect my Bet?

No. The Beat the Clock – 30 Minute Limit coupon is all about whether there is a goal in the first half an hour of your chosen matches. A bet built from the coupon is a winner if all of the chosen games see a goal scored before the 30 minute mark and what happens in the matches after that, makes no difference.

Which Matches Can I Place a 30 Minute Limit Bet On?

The Beat the Clock – 30 Minute Limit coupon is a special feature offered by Betfred in order to provide a different and entertaining type of football accumulator – the same kind of promo isn’t currently offered at any of the other top betting sites. The coupon is regularly updated with upcoming matches from all over Europe and you can select from any of the listed matches to build your bets.

How Many Matches Can I Pick?

A wager built from the Beat the Clock – 30 Minute Limit can include anywhere between three and fifteen legs. A treble will pay out at set odds of 9/2 if it is successful and a 15-fold will return winnings at a magnificent 3500/1. Wagers including a number of legs between those two extremes have their own set prices, which are displayed alongside the coupon on the Betfred website.

What if a Match is Abandoned?

If a match that you included in your 30 Minute Limit wager is abandoned, your bet will be adjusted to pay out at the set odds of a wager with one less selection. If you had placed a four-fold, for instance, an abandonment would leave you with a treble which would pay out at 9/2 if it wins.

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