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What’s the point of this website?

Good question and I think the answer is multi-layered that’s right I said it multi-layered…

On the top layer the site is about documenting and sharing my experiences with different online bookmakers. The purpose of this being to help new punters find the best possible value for the different sports they’re interested in betting on.

I’m passionate about the online gaming industry but I’ve been stung by it one to many times.

I felt the full force of the Tusk / Microgaming closures (to the tune of $2,761.26) back in 2008, had many friends in the online poker community hit hard by Black Friday (when the United States DOJ closed Full Tilt and other gaming operators serving US players) and have witnessed countless sports betting site closures which have left players high and dry in the 9 years I’ve been old enough to gamble online.

If I can help just a handful of online sports bettors avoid the darker side of this industry then I’ll feel like the website was worth building.

The secondary aim of the site is to educate punters and help them become more profitable when they gamble online with the main source of this the Betcast podcast. On the show you’ll hear me discuss profitable online betting strategy and question some of the biggest earners in the online sports betting world.

I want to help you (and myself) make more money betting sports online.

On the bottom layer of the sponge the site serves as a platform for me to get across my point of view on industry news, events and developments. Granted, you might not give a rats what I’ve got to say but this is the self-indulgent layer and the one which you’ll mostly find on the site blog (along with product reviews, the odd tutorial and whatever the hell else I want to post!)

Who am I?

I’m Dave, I was born in 1987 which makes me as old as it makes me whenever you’re reading this (26 when written). I live in the north of England and have in one form or another worked in the online gaming industry since I was 18 years old.

I started playing online poker at the back end of Sixth Form College and ended up quitting uni after the first year to turn professional. I spent the next couple of years earning a living playing online poker and travelling Europe playing live tournaments.

Somewhere in the middle of 2010 I transitioned from online poker player to working in the online gaming industry and have since set up a consultancy service for online gambling programs.
I’ve worked with the biggest names in the UK betting industry (Bet365, Betvictor, Betfair and many others) and through that have developed a solid working knowledge of the industry which I hope to pass on via this website.

How Can You Contact Me?

I welcome contact from any site visitor with a question, anyone offering product reviews and emails from potential podcast guests.

I do not welcome contact from:

  • People looking to buy advertising.
  • People looking to sell advertising.
  • Anyone associated with any affiliate program – I only recommend the sites I want to recommend and this is NEVER based on how much you might want to try and pay me to list your service on my website.
  • Firms looking to ‘guest post’ on my website – don’t bother I don’t accept them.

If you have a legit reason to contact me that’s not blacklisted above then please don’t hesitate to send an email to: