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Best UK Betting Sites For 2021

Welcome to our independent directory where punters can evaluate the best sports betting sites. We’ve picked out the places your money will be safest, you’ll get the best odds and biggest sign up bonuses.

Here are the top online bookmakers as rated by us right now:

At we really are powered by punters! We’ve collected votes from all our website visitors (you can cast yours below) to rank the best betting sites for 2021 and the result are in:

Best Online Betting Sites & Offers:


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RATED 4.4 OF 5
(389 Votes)
4William Hill

RATED 4.5 OF 5
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7Paddy Power

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Best By Different Sports:

About This List

The list of betting websites above is updated as our visitors cast their votes to show who the top bookies really are – it’s all well and good us giving you our opinon, which we do in our reviews, but it’s what punters appsbetting think that matters most.

Who Has The Best Odds In 2020?

There’s no doubt that one of the main factors which separate bookmakers is the quality of the odds they on offer.

Unless some analysis is done this is just subjective so we’ve gone and done the leg work for you by studying and comparison the two most popular betting sports, football and horse racing, to show you where the real value lies.

NOTE: all bookmakers make money using a concept known as the overround. This is basically the edge/vig they build into every market to ensure they are more likely to win. The bigger this is, as a percentage, the worse deal we are getting as punters.


To work out which betting site has the best football odds 1xbet app we took the odds of one round of fixtures from each competition, converted the odds to percentages, added them together and worked out the overround in the market.

Therefore this table is essentially showing which bookmakers build the biggest edge into their markets – the higher the percentage the bigger the house edge.

Best Football Odds Comparison

League Bet365 Betvictor William Hill Ladbrokes Betfair Unibet Paddy Power
Premiership 6.68% 2.95% 5.73% 6.12% 4.72% 3.83% 5.10%
Championship 6.18% 3.97% 8.69% 6.52% 4.53% 5.38% 7.26%
League One 6.60% 4.75% 8.81% 6.77% 4.54% 6.37% 6.72%
Champions League 2.49% 3.38% 4.44% 5.94% 2.53% 2.33% 5.10%
Europa League 6.78% 5.78% 6.06% 6.53% 5.00% 3.91% 6.69%
AVERAGE 5.75% 4.17% 6.75% 6.38% 4.27% 4.36% 6.18%

Which bookmaker best odds on football?

Well it’s pretty clear from the analysis that Betvictor are head and shoulders above the majority of online betting sites out there when it comes to football odds.

Their average overround percentage of 4.17% eclipses the likes of Bet365, Ladbrokes and William Hill. It’s only really rivalled by that of Unibet at 4.36% and Betfair at 4.27%.

Whilst their average percentages do rise the lower down the leagues we get, that’s an industry standard, and they still keep their vig lower across the board.

If you’re wondering why overround percentages go up in the lower leagues, it’s simple, the more unpredictable fixtures come the bigger margin for error bookmakers need and therefore the bigger edge then need to build into their markets to ensure profits.

Horse Racing

In a similar approach to the one we took with football to establish the bookmaker with best horse racing odds we compared the overround on the odds from 10 separate races.

Again the bookmakers offering the smallest overround percentages can be considered as having the best odds or spreading the odds that are closest to the true odds on the race.

Comparison Of Horse Racing Odds

Bet365 Betvictor William Hill Ladbrokes Betfair Unibet Paddy Power
10 Race Average 14.50% 11.82% 17.31% 19.09% 18.24% 15.67% 16.82%

Which betting site has the best racing odds?

Yet again Betvictor come out on top when it comes to offering the lowest overround and best odds on horse racing.

It’s pretty clear cut as well with their average of 11.82% being a decent way ahead of closest rivals Bet365 at 14.50%.

As you can see from the comparisons above, the house edge on each race, varies widely. The more runners the race has the higher the overround because again it becomes harder for the bookmakers to predict.

You’ll also notice that the overrounds for horse racing are way higher than those on football markets. Again this is down to how accurately bookmakers can predict the final outcome of the event. Football is much easier for the bookies to predict than horse racing and therefore they can offer lower overrounds as the confidence in their predictions is way higher.

Joining A New Bookmaker: FAQ’s

What different types of offers are available?

Betting Site Offers

There are three main types of betting bonuses available for punters when they join a new site; bookmakers offering punters a free bet (to a stated value, or to a percentage of the customers first bet amount). Bet £25 and get a £25 free bet with Betvictor or bet £10 and get a £30 free bet with Paddy Power as good examples.

Bookies may also offer customers enhanced odds on their first bet with the site, which in turn offers them a greater return than usual on their bet. In the past for example, 888Sport offered new customers treble the stated odds on their first bet. Meaning if you placed your first bet on a qualifying market at 10/1, 888Sport would pay out that bet at 30/1.

The other popular form of offer is the deposit match offer. This is when a bookie offers you a percentage of your deposit in bonus bets, which you can then realise by betting through your initial deposit money to activate the bonus.

What is the best type of sign up bonus to get?

In truth, all the sign up bonuses are generally a good deal for the punter, but which is the right one for you depends very much on how much you tend to wager, how frequently you bet and how much you have to deposit/place as your first bet.

If you only have a small amount to deposit or wager as a first bet, then an offer such as Paddy Power’s bet £10 get £30 free, or William Hill’s bet £10 get £20 free are likely to be a better value option for you.

If you feel you have a great chance of winning on your first bet, then the treble odds offer with 888Sport may well be worth looking at.

Alternatively, if you have more money to wager then a deposit bonus would tend to offer better long term value. It’s the logical option if you plan on sticking around with the same company for a while.

What is the minimum I have to deposit?

The minimum amount of money you have to deposit with a bookmaker in order to realise an offer depends upon the offer. If you trigger a deposit bonus for example, then the minimum deposit usually starts at £10.

If you have a different offer, such as a free bet offer, then this bonus is calculated from your first bet stake, not your deposit so all you need to do here is deposit enough into your account to cover the first bet.

99% of free bets have a minimum £5 condition in place but Betvictor actually have no minimum so theoretically you could sign up and bet 50p to release a 50p free bet if you wanted. You’ll find the vast majority are £5.

Are there any scam bookmakers out there?

We’re pleased to say that the days of people operating bookmaking scams online are now almost a thing of the past. The industry is fiercely regulated and provided that you stay betting with anyone recommended on our site you won’t get scammed.

However, if you start looking into the darker recesses of the Internet, or find an offer from a bookmaker that you have never heard of that sounds too good to be true, then alarm bells should start ringing. Opportunists may try to scam you, but the chances of them succeeding are practically non-existent if you stick to betting with reputable bookmakers you find online and who are regulated within the industry.

That doesn’t mean some bookmakers won’t close your account if you win too much, they will, but they’ll always pay you your winnings before doing so.